Thank you for your interest, however, we are no longer breeding puggles.

Welcome to Hugapuggle, breeder of quality hybrid Puggle puppies! Located on the central coast of California halfway between Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area, we have been breeders of adorable Puggle puppies since 2006. We are not a broker. We take pride in breeding Puggles using only AKC beagles with AKC pugs, which guarantees a 50/50 hybrid. When you purchase from Hugapuggle you can be assured that you are buying a Puggle puppy that is healthy and well cared for. There are many advantages to buying direct from us as a breeder:

  • You are invited to our home/kennel to see our facility and personally choose the puppy of your liking. Many other websites claim to be breeders when, in fact, they are nothing more than puppy BROKERS. Please beware of these sites who will not allow you to visit.
  • You see the conditions in which your puppy has been raised.
  • You receive a health guarantee.
  • You receive personal service from the breeder.
  • You get a puppy that is socialized, vaccinated and micro-chipped.

Choosing the right puppy is an important decision. We are the most recognized Puggle breeder in California. We are confident that you will enjoy working with us as you find the puppy that is just right for you and your family.