Updated 03/15/2018

Sophie delivered her litter of 5 beautiful females late 3/9/18. All are nursing beautifully and seem healthy and strong. This is our very first litter of ALL females since 2006, when we first began breeding puggles!

Two puppies have been reserved. (Two have canceled due to not having any males.) Three more are available. Please email if you’d like to reserve a puppy from this litter. Go home dates are May 3-5th.




Sophie delivered seven beautiful fawn colored puppies on July 21, 2017. She has five males and two females! These puppies will be approximately 25-29 pounds at maturity. Choosing weekend is September 8-9th with September 14-15th as go home dates.  Pick of the litter is determined by the order in which deposits are received. 


Sophie’s pups born 7/21/17: All puppies are now residing with their new owners.

Sophie Blue 9.2.17

Blue Collar – Male-Reserved by Kristina of Orange

Sophie Green 9.2.17

Green Collar – Male – “Dexter”- Reserved by Kelly of Nipomo

Sophie Red 9.2.17

Red Collar – Male-“Cooper”-Reserved by Kevin and Jennifer of Fair Oaks

Sophie Gold 9.2.17

Gold Collar – Female – Reserved by Shaunna and Ryan of Irvine

Sophie Orange 9.2.17

Orange Collar – Male-“Copper”-Reserved by Susan and Greg of Santa Rosa

Sophie Silver 9.2.17

Silver Collar – Female- “Harley”-Reserved by Brian, Leslie, Darrin and Katie of Yucaipa


Sophie Yellow 9.2.17

Yellow Collar – Male-Felix”-Reserved by Christina, Gian, Emilio and Enzo of Santa Rosa


Sophie/Samson’s (November 2016) pups  now residing with their new owners:

Sophie Black 1.1.17

Black Collar

Male-“Eli”- reserved by Nancy of Granada Hills

Sophie Green 1.1.17

Green Collar

Male-reserved by Cynthia of Westwood

Sophie Red 12.27.16

Red Collar

Male-“Obie”-reserved by Katie and Ross of Healdsburg


Sophie Silver 1.1.17

Silver Collar

Female-reserved by Cynthia of Westwood

Sophie Orange 1.1.17

Orange Collar

Male-“Karl”-reserved by Stephanie and Andy of Chicago

Sophie Gold 1.1.17

Gold Collar

Femalereserved by Rachel and Jamie of Fremont



The bucket of beauties below is Allie’s last litter now all residing with their new owners.


Allie Group 1.20.16

Allie’s pups above at 5 weeks and below at 7 weeks old. All are now residing with their new owners.

Allie Blue  2.5.16

Blue Collar- “Sprocket”

Reserved by Jim and Michelle of Grass Valley

Allie Green 2.5.16

Green Collar- “Luna”

Reserved by Julie and Brandon of Fremont

Allie Red  2.5.16

Red Collar- “Bandit”

Reserved by Brian and Denise of Livermore


Allie Purple  2.5.16

Purple Collar- Female

Reserved by “Team Mayer” of LA

Allie Orange 2.5.16

Orange Collar- “Maximillion”

Reserved by Anaeis and Sevada of Glendale

Allie Pink  2.5.16

Pink Collar- Female

Reserved by the Worrall family of Sacramento

Allie Yellow  2.5.16

Yellow Collar- “Lulu”

Reserved by Leslie and Robert of Truckee


Sophie’s pups at 7 weeks old:

(Now residing with their new owners)

Sophie 7wks Black 10.25.15

Black Collar- Male-“Jax”

Reserved by Ken and Tamara of Morgan Hill

Sophie 7wks Green 10.25.15

Green Collar- Female-“Riley”

Reserved by Noelle of Alamo

Sophie 7wks Red 10.25.15

Red Collar- Male


Reserved by Denise and Vince of Danville

Sophie 7wks turquoise 10.25.15

Turquoise Collar- Female-“Maya”

Reserved by Stephanie and Robert of Salinas

Sophie 7wks Blue 10.25.15

Blue Collar- Female

Reserved by Jennifer and Rikus of Walnut Creek

Sophie 7wks Pink 10.25.15

Pink Collar- Female-“Charlie”

Reserved by Bob and Elba of La Crescenta

Sophie 7wks Red with Paws10.25.15

Red w/Paws Collar- Male-“Mac”

Reserved by JC and Dayla of Redondo Beach


Additional Puggle Pictures:

(Now with their new owners)


Reserved by Kim and Zlatko of Sac



Reserved by Jeff and Tana of Alamo



Reserved by the Hanley family



Reserved by Sue and Bill of SB


red with paws

Reserved by Lindsay and Max of Studio City

“Red w/Paws”


Reserved by Dino of Coronado



Reserved by Tiffani and Darren of Orangevale